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Saving State with Preferences

  • Introduction to Preferences
  • Creating a Preference Screen and Saving Preferences
  • Adding Sub – Preference Screen 
  • Editing Preference Values
  • Adding Preferences through Forms
  • Preference Dependency

 Saving State with File I/o

  • I/O using File – Internal File System 
  • I/O using Files – Files on SDCard

I/O Using Resource Folders

  • Reading files from the Assets Folder 
  • Reading files from the Assets Folder Ccontined
  • Reading from the RAW Folder

 Working with Genymotion – Get the power of the real mobile

  • Installing the Android 5.0 SDK to start things
  • Installing Android Studio – gearing for the future
  • Installing Genymotion and adding to Android Studio
  • Installing Google Play Services on Genymotion

ActionBar – where all action begins

  • Creating Menus and MenuItems – learn the old way
  • Creating my first ActionBar – Adding Icons, Titles, Drawable, styles to it
  • Creating Split ActionBar
  • Creating SubMenu by Java Code and Using Intents with MenuItems
  • Using addIntentOptions to let Android find Options



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