Core Android

Core Android Training Courses

Core Android Training Modules-

Introduction And Software Installation

  • Introduction Video – Welcome To The Complete Android Developer Course
  • Android Developer Course Benefits and How To Use This Course
  • New updates for 2017 and Beyond!
  • An Introduction & Basic Requirements For Creating Your Very Own Android Apps!
  • Installing Java JDK 
  • Installing Android Studio

Android Basics

  • Creating Our Own Project
  • Running Our Own Hello World Application
  • Overview Of The Interface.
  • Some Things To Learn About Android Studio.
  • How To Create An Android Virtual Device.

Activities & States

  • Understanding Activity States
  • Example For Changing States
  • Building The User Interface

Widgets, Pixels & Layout

  • How To Add Properties To Widgets.
  • How To Add Multiple Widgets
  • How To Convert DIP To Pixels.
  • Understanding Layouts: Grid Layout.

Event Handling

  • How To Handle Events In Android.
  • Learning How To Use Event Listener
  • How To Add Multiple Event Listeners.

Gestures & Fragments

  • What Are Gestures.
  • Gesture App.
  • What Are Fragments
  • Designing Top Fragment. 
  • How To Create A Fragment Class.

Buttons And App Design

  • Creating Design For A Simple Application.
  • Creating Workout Advisor App
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